27 Nov 2023
Have You Heard? 175 Ways To Recover From Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday is hard to resist. All the best deals and for stuff you were going to buy anyway.
If you're trying to be a conscious consumer, what about all the other days?
Jon Biemer

Jon Biemer

Shopping responsibly may be harder beginning with Black Friday, but we have all year to make a difference.

In Our Environmental Handprints: Recover the Land, Reverse Global Warming, Reclaim the Future, author Jon Beimer offers 175 actions we can take to do so.

Some of our favorites?

  1. Buy 100% recycled paper (like Paper Culture)
  2. Buy earth-friendly toilet paper (like Who Gives a Crap)
  3. Participate in a Repair Cafe (like Stitched Up)
  4. Support Indigenous environmental justice organizations (like Okanagan Select Salmon)
  5. Buy fair trade (like Bull City Fair Trade)
  6. Buy from Native America owned businesses (like 8th Generation)
  7. Become an ecotourist (like Train Hugger)
  8. Buy food at farmers markets (like Cobblestone Farmers Market)
  9. Become a community-supported agriculture member (like MA’O Organic Farms)
  10. Adopt a park (like Parks Project)

and 165 more!

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