Parks Project

Parks Project

Preserving and promoting national parks

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We're empowering the next generation of Park Champions to preserve the parks we love and leave it better than we found it.

National parks are loved by millions, but they can’t be taken for granted. More visitors, less funding, and a changing climate mean that our wildlands are under pressure and we need to help.

Whether it's donating a portion of every sale to fund projects through one of our park conservancy partners or hosting volunteer days for our community to do the work ourselves, Parks Project was created to transform park enthusiasts into a movement of park champions.

Habitat & Wildlife Restoration

National park ecosystems are often fragile and rely on diverse wildlife and native plants. Due to human impact, they are threatened in many of your parklands. Restoration projects help to undo past damage and prevent more from occurring in the future.

Visitor Programs

As visitation continues to grow in national parks around the country, it can take a toll on park infrastructure. Visitor programs are crucial for helping people experience and connect with the parklands in a non-invasive and sustainable manner.

Advocacy & Education

We aim to teach the world, whether local or international, about the importance of protecting parklands around the country. We think it's our responsibility to educate about parks and consistently advocate on their behalf—leading to a better future.

Youth Initiatives

Voices of the youth will impact the future of our parklands. Educating and inspiring the next generation of national park visitors, advocates, and guardians is crucial. Our goal is to give as many kids national park access as possible.


We live by our mission—putting people in parks to actively participate in projects is a year-round focus point. Whether it’s events in our backyard of the Santa Monica Mountains or across the country, we provide opportunities and support the efforts of people working to leave it better than they found it.