30 Oct 2023

Mainstream News Dilemma (Part 2): People Have Better Choices

Mainstream News Dilemma (Part 2): People Have Better Choices
In Part 1 we saw 1 in 3 people turning away from mainstream media. Tired of constant bad news? Here's some good options:

People Making A Better Planet

PC: Sarah Chai

PC: Sarah Chai

Can lifestyle choices make a difference? Yes if you believe every little bit counts! These sites would love to help you with ideas:

  • LIVEKINDLY is a “home for a like-minded community to discover, enjoy and reimagine what it means to live sustainably".
  • Sustainable Jungle is here “to encourage positive change. We share sustainability related ideas, tips, tricks, products, brands and stories about people & organisations doing meaningful work to better our planet".
  • Treehugger is the “only modern sustainability site that offers advice, clarity, and inspiration for both the eco-savvy and the green-living novice".

Happyscrolling > Doomscrolling



Looking for your daily dose of happy news? Swap out a few of your IG follows for these accounts:

  • The Happy News is a “real newspaper celebrating only wonderful, positive news, founded by Emily Coxhead“.
  • The Happy Broadcast is “fact-checked ANXIETY-FREE content from around the that is good for our mental health, founded and illustrated by Mauro Gatti“.
  • Great Big Story posts content that’s “connecting the world one story at a time".
  • TanksGoodNews is all good news that’s “positivity with a hint of humor".

While mainstream news will always publish what they will, we all have choices of what we consume. There’s good news out there too if we know where to look.

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