Sustainable manufacturing better for the planet + 20% discount to teachers, first responders, medical professionals, military & students

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We believe in doing things differently.

At Rothy’s, we know there’s a better way to do business, and it starts by putting the planet and its people first. That’s why we transform eco-friendly materials into wardrobe staples that look just as good as they feel.

For the planet.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword at Rothy’s. From our goal of achieving a closed-loop production model by 2023, to the inclusive environment we foster at our HQ and stores, moving toward a sustainable future is at the heart of everything we do.

  • We divert plastic bottles from landfills and transform them into our signature thread—which we then knit into durable, washable and sustainable styles like shoes, bags and accessories. Who knew water bottles could look and feel this good?
  • Our strobel boards (aka, the green part of the shoe under the insole) and the footbeds of our sandals use an algae-based foam. Harvesting harmful algae from waterways helps to keep our marine ecosystems in balance—plus makes for extra-sturdy shoes.
  • Collected within 30 miles of coastlines and marine environments, we’ve transformed thousands of pounds of marine plastic into sustainable bags unlike any other. Beyond keeping waste out of the ocean, this cool material is also fully machine washable—just like our signature thread.
  • What else goes into the outsoles of our signature flats and loafers? Our women’s shoes are made with 9% natural, renewable rubber from rubber plants, while The Driving Loafer contains 31% natural, renewable rubber.
  • We get back to nature with our outsoles on The RS01 Sneaker, The Lace Up and The Flip Flop. Created with a bio-based TPU (made with corn), these outsoles are flexible and durable—plus they feature a raised detail for added traction.
  • Our women’s styles (like The Point and The Flat) feature eco-friendly rubber outsoles that contain 26% natural minerals (in other words, sand). For our men’s shoes, our outsoles on The Driving Loafer contain 23% of this material.
  • Beans in shoes? Almost. The cushy footbeds in The Lace Up and The RS01 Sneaker, as well as the durable insoles in our women’s flats are crafted with a bio-based PU which utilizes castor oil as a more eco-friendly plant source.
  • Hemp may be one of the oldest textiles on earth, but we see it as the fiber of the future. Strong, regenerative and built to last, this material is blended with our signature thread, cotton and marine plastic (in the case of bags) to create breathable styles—inspired by the beauty of nature.
  • Plush, cozy and natural, we like to think of merino wool as mother nature’s perfect material. Combined with our signature thread, our merino styles are soft and renewable, while just as washable and durable as your favorite Rothy’s.
  • Made with 95% post-consumer recycled materials, our boxes are strong enough to ship on their own. Plus, we use cardboard inserts that are 100% recyclable and seal our boxes with a blue ribbon that’s made from recycled materials, too. Talk about the whole package.

Products built better.

Our fully owned and operated factory in Dongguan, China sets the standard for responsible manufacturing. Continually striving for zero waste, we combine the best of 3D knitting technology and handcrafted assembly to create machine washable styles that don’t compromise on comfort.

It takes a whole lot of love and care to create each pair of Rothy’s. And we really mean a lot. Since we own and operate our sustainable factory in Dongguan, China, only the Rothy’s family—and no other manufacturers—touch our shoes during production. This is a rare accomplishment in the footwear industry, and we’re so proud of the collaboration between our design and production teams in San Francisco and Dongguan. Their dedication to teamwork and innovation is part of what makes every pair so special.

Our discount program.
At Rothy’s, our community is everything. It’s full of people who work in pursuit of a better, healthier future. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 20% discount* to teachers, first responders, medical professionals, military and students. Getting verified is easy and quick—so don’t wait.