Rent A Living Christmas Tree

Rent A Living Christmas Tree

Rent live Christmas trees

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We are a family-owned business in central California passionate about the environment and keeping our Earth healthy and beautiful. Since 2009, we started renting our live, potted, and hand-trimmed Christmas trees.

Now we have hundreds of trees ready to be delivered to your home or office door for you to keep for 30 days during the Holidays. Then we come back and pick up the trees so they can return to our forest nursery, where they become part of the ecosystem, sustaining wildlife and clean air.

We have made a great effort to make the renting process as simple as possible, online or over the phone, so you can enjoy your Holidays with an eco-friendly, hassle-free alternative by renting a living Christmas tree!

How it Works
Since 2009, we have provided a convenient and environmentally friendly way celebrate the Holidays with a living Christmas tree. We make this possible by caring for our potted fir, cedar and redwood trees in our nursery, so they can be delivered to your home or office at the beginning of December.

After Christmas, we return and pick up the tree. That’s it. No waste, no messy disposal and best of all, not a single tree had to be cut.

It’s as easy as entering your address to check if we can deliver to your area, selecting the tree you like, and placing your order to reserve your tree.