Lutunji’s Palate

Lutunji’s Palate

Jobs & training for youth, young adults & formerly incarcerated

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Lutunji’s Palate is a social enterprise “Built with Purpose; Fortified with Love." Back in 2018, Lutunji met with the Pastor of an historic church in South Minneapolis to discuss launching a Charter School for teen parents she developed in partnership with her organization, Voices of Effective Change, GBC. Lutunji blessed him with her signature peach cobbler as a sign of respect and gratitude. He took one bite, and Lutunji’s Palate was born.

He loved it so much he insisted she use their commercial kitchen to create a line of gourmet desserts and that his team would provide all the support she needed for licensure. This was the divine order manifested. In that powerful moment, Lutunji knew that her passion for delicious treats, and the joy they bring, would be the catalyst for her mission to bring effective change to our community.

Impact is literally and figuratively baked into our model. We bake with people and community in mind by partnering with a teen program, a young adults program, and a program for men returning to society after incarceration, teaching community members about baking and how to run a business. Most importantly, Lutunji’s Palate offers community members not only a place of employment, but a place to “life skill” together, to discover what they are good at and how to pursue their life purpose. Lutunji’s Palate further provides a space in Minneapolis for much needed community healing after the recent racial tensions and pandemic, and provides the Elliott Park neighborhood with a Black-woman-owned bakery and community gathering spot. Also, check us out at Voices of Effective Change


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