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Galata Tower In Turkey

Galata is the former name of the Karaköy neighborhood in Istanbul, which is located on the northern shore of the Golden Horn. The district is connected to the historic Fatih district by several bridges that cross the Golden Horn, most notably the Galata Bridge. The medieval citadel of Galata was a colony of the Republic of Genoa between 1273 and 1453.

The famous Galata Tower was built by the Genoese in 1348 at the northernmost and highest point of the citadel. Galata is now a quarter within the district of Beyoğlu in Istanbul.

Galata Sweets brings one-of-a-kind Turkish food experience to downtown west Dearborn

DEARBORN — Galata Sweets, a new cafe, bakery and breakfast spot, is set to leave its mark on Dearborn’s vibrant food scene.

Located in downtown west Dearborn just south of Michigan Avenue on Mason Street, Galata is not the only Turkish food or cafe experience in Michigan, but is the first in the state to provide a Turkish cafe, bakery, breakfast and late night dine-in all in one building, adorned with the sights of beloved Istanbul restaurants.

There’s already a buzz and curiosity around the cafe during its soft opening, with guests pouring in to try the traditional Turkish fare from the limited menu. With the downtown district now seeing increasing foot traffic from a real push by the city to create an attractive restaurant scene, passersby have noticed the warm, inviting decor from the cafe’s glass facade.

Customers have been taking selfies and photos of the fez (or tarboosh) and traditional vests available to them at their tables; the imported Turkish dishware, cutlery and coffee and tea vessels; not to mention the gourmet menu items.

Galata has been offering its full menu during regular hours since mid-October. A grand opening is planned for a later time with Dearborn city officials.

Cafe-goers can expect a traditional and authentic food experience from the recipes and main ingredients for sweets and baked goods as well as breakfast items.

Kurdish coffee is featured from the southern Turkish city of Mardin, the ancestral home of owner Imad and manager Omar Mohamad. The region is known for its diversity of Arab, Turkish and Kurdish populations and culture. Brothers Imad and Omar’s family’s last name in Turkey is Turan, which changed to Mohamad when their grandfather immigrated to Lebanon.

The restaurant is adorned with a picture of their grandfather’s simple village-style home that stands to this day.

Guests can enjoy delicious kürt kahvesi thanks to an imported coffee blend mixed with a variety of nuts. The Turkish coffee blend comes straight from Istanbul. Anatolian cheese and honey is flown in from Mersin.

Visitors will surely notice the cafe’s logo, which features its namesake, the famous Galata Tower in Istanbul. One of the city’s most beloved tourist attractions — a pastry shop — sits right across from that tower and sells only one dish, the famous San Sebastián cheesecake, also available at Galata in Dearborn.

The triangle baklava with its decadent ice cream center, another sweet delight on offer, has been trending over social media nationally due to its unique take on an old favorite.

The diversity of businesses in west Dearborn attracted Imad Mohamad — who knew a full Turkish food experience was missing from the culinary conversation in the downtown food scene — to the location. He also wanted to give patrons more convenience while they were out on the town.

“In Dearborn, you may go to a cafe to sit down with a friend or loved one and after some coffees or tea, someone may want food,” he said. “A lot of local cafes only offer either sweet or savory options, whereas our cafe offers both. Plus, many bakeries close early, whereas patrons can enjoy our baked goods past 10 p.m.”

As soon as visitors step into the cafe, they notice the overt Turkish themes in every detail, from Turkish music and decor, to lights, plates and cutlery, carts, and even uniforms for the staff — all imported from Turkey.

Galata also offers a full “sultan” breakfast that invigorates the senses with a variety of mouthwatering dishes that pay homage to the Istanbul food tradition. Breakfast items includes the decadent manti, or beef dumplings; menemen — heavenly eggs swimming in a rich sauce with tomatoes, peppers and onion, available with cheese or sucuk (sausage); and much more.


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