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Slow Beauty products using sustainable methods & intelligently sourced ingredients

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Simple. Artisanal. Organic.

At Fawn, we believe that skincare should be simple and effective. Our artisanal products are designed by our certified formulator to bring the nutrients your skin deserves. Nothing more, nothing less. Made with organic ingredients, our formulations are Lab-to-Skin. Quality skincare is that simple.

Clean Beauty and Sustainability are at the heart of what we do. Great skincare does not come at a cost to our environment. All our packaging are available for refill and reuse.

Get Your Skin Glow Here.

At Fawn, we work on each science-backed formulation for months and years because our intent is to be Slow Beauty. We want to bring meaningful and effective products that are thoroughly researched and tested rigorously before a launch.

Our products are formulated by our certified Formulator (Dip. Organic Skincare Formulations U.K). Ingredients are bulk sourced to formulate products to be filled at our lab in Singapore to shorten the supply chain process and reduce carbon footprint.

Hann Chia
Founder | Fawn & Co.
Certified Formulator | Fawn Labs

Hann's journey with Sustainability and Naturopathy started due to a personal health scare in 2014. She chanced upon a natural botanical topical supplement that healed her. Upon recovering, Hann spent the next 3 years on research and self-reading. She focused on keeping her family's health and lifestyle toxin-free by self-teaching to formulate skin care and home care with natural botanical sources and started noticing dramatic changes in her skin.

In 2018, Hann decided to leave her finance career to set up an Asian based Family Office while concurrently pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Science with an accredited UK school, Formula Botanica. She is currently a certified and professional Formulator (Diploma Organic Skincare Formulation, U.K).

In July 2019, Hann started up Fawn & Co. with a vision for Sustainability and Clean Beauty. Fawn & Co. runs Fawn Labs, conducts Workshops and carries out research and development on Wellness and Clean Beauty products.