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Bettie’s Pages

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We don's sell books…
Okay okay, we DO sell books. But we don't sell JUST books. What we really give you is:

Seeing yourself reflected in the pages of stories.
Learning about the experiences of others.
Information that is prescient and powerful.
Really cool staff who want to talk with you about their favorite books.
Stickers and odds and ends aligned with your unique and niche interests

Our power is in our connection with YOU: our customers and community. You equip us with the knowledge that helps us offer a skilled selection of really cool shit and we love you for it.

Without you, we couldn't make Bettie's the coolest, queerest, and best little bookstore in Lowell!

Got a specific question? Check out ourour FAQ page for the easily answered stuff!

Need more specific help? Visit our contact page or stop in and say hello! We love seeing your beautiful faces!

Let's Chat!
Nicole is one of those weird introverts who doesn't mind talking in front of a large crowd. As long as it's something she's passionate about!

She's been featured on multiple podcasts, media articles and segments, and panel discussions as both a guest and moderator.

What can you get her to talk about endlessly? Well, besides books in general…

Diverse representation in books, particularly LGBTQIA+
Local activism
Book bans and challenges
LGBTQIA+ issues
Small business ownership
Social media management

If you're interested in working with Nicole email here and let us know what you're thinking!